ENABLING ENVIRONMENT: Knowledge Management

Knowledge Management is “a systematic effort to enable information and knowledge to grow, flow and create value. The discipline is about creating and managing the processes to get the right knowledge to the right people at the right time and help people to share and action on information in order to improve performance.”

Knowledge Management can be challenging during and after emergencies, especially in the months following the initial response. It is critical to share best practices, strategies and plans so policies and standards evolve. The shared knowledge of progress and performance can improve policy, programming and practice.

Key elements include the dissemination and use of baseline and KAP survey data in program design and targeting; mechanisms to encourage routine feedback and analysis of the third-party process monitoring data; and regular horizontal learning events that provide a platform for discussing, sharing and learning from the progress, performance and innovation of other WaSH partners and local stakeholders.

PhATS Knowledge Management aims to improve the quality of WaSH service delivery and influence policy to improve rural sanitation in the Philippines. See the catalog of Knowledge Management pieces (best practices, technical notes, media and more) by clicking the buttons below:

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